(LF) Target Maturity IΙI Bond fund

Investment objective

The Sub-Fund aims to provide capital growth by investing its assets mainly (i.e. at least 65% of net assets) in fixed income transferable securities denominated in Euro, such as government bonds and corporate bonds, admitted to an Official Listing or dealt in on a Regulated Market, traded worldwide.

The Sub-Fund may invest more than 35% of its assets in European Union members government bonds. The Sub-Fund may invest more than 50% of its net assets in securities carrying Greek sovereign or corporate risk. The Sub-Fund may invest up to 50% of its assets in securities, that are rated by no less than two out of three major rating agencies (Moody’s, S&P, Fitch) as high yield (i.e Ba1 or lower by Moody’s, BB+ or lower by S&P, Fitch). Secondarily, the Sub-Fund invests in bank deposits and foreign and domestic money market instruments.

The Sub-Fund will not invest in equities, defaulted or distressed securities and contingent convertibles (CoCos),unless these instruments resulted from corporate actions or debt restructuring of one of the issuers of fixed income instruments that contained in the Sub-Fund.

The Sub-Fund does not promote environmental or social characteristics in a way that meets the specific criteria contained in Article 8 of the Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation ("SFDR") or have sustainable investment as its objective in a way that meets the specific criteria contained in Article 9 of SFDR. The Sub-Fund is actively managed which means that the investment manager is actively making investment decisions for the Sub[1]Fund. The Sub-Fund is not managed in reference to a benchmark.Given the above investment objective and policy and the risk and reward profile of the product, the recommended holding period is 2 years.

All income of the Sub-Fund is reinvested. You can buy and sell shares of the Fund on a daily (bank business days in Luxembourg and Greece) basis. You can subscribe units of the Sub-Fund from 10th of June 2024 until the expiration of the initial offering period on September 6, 2024.

After the expiration of the initial offering period, the Sub-Fund will be closed to all subscriptions and conversions.


The Sub-Fund has a medium risk profile and is addressed to investors who seek to achieve regular income and capital gains through investing mainly in bonds, who are willing to accept the risks associated with their investment, and who are prepared to remain invested until the Maturity Date. The risk factors specific to this Sub-Fund are credit and counterparty and market risks. These risks are further described in points (i), (iii), (vii) and (ix) in “Risk factors” section of the Prospectus.

The main risk for the Sub-Fund’s investors is the credit risk of the Greek government along with Greek corporate risk. There is no guarantee that the investment-return objective will be achieved. The calculation methodology for the global exposure is the commitment method.

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