(LF) Total Return Fund

Investment Objective :

The Sub-Fund’s objective is to achieve positive returns which may not be correlated to the performance of the main stock indexes. The Sub-Fund will not seek performance relative to an index and thus it will be managed through the use of a flexible investment strategy that will rely on active asset allocation. The active asset allocation will result from the combination of a top down approach with a bottom up stock picking analysis.

In order to meet the investment objective of the Sub-Fund set out above, the Sub-Fund may invest without any geographical and economic constraint:

  • By at least 10% and by no more than 85% of its total assets in equity securities and other equivalent securities
  • By at least 10% and by no more than 85% of its total assets in debt instruments, cash and cash equivalents (deposits with credit institutions and money market instruments).

In addition, the Sub-Fund may also invest up to 30% of its net assets in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), qualifying as UCITS or respectively UCI, which may represent a sector or a market index as per the meaning of article 41 (1) indent (e) and article 46 of the 2002 Law and/or up to 10% of its net assets in ETFs on commodities respecting article 41(2) indent a) of the 2002 Law.

Finally, the Sub-Fund, in order to meet its investment objectives, may use on a regular basis listed financial derivative instruments for the purposes of hedging currency risk, interest rate risk, market risk and efficient portfolio management.


The Sub-Fund has a high risk profile and is addressed to investors pursuing a long-term investment objective with the prospects of achieving returns from income and capital gains.


Note: Modification of the performance fees provisions for the sub-fund (LF) Total Return Fund according to the notice to the unit holders published on December 10, 2021. 

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