(LF) Fund of Funds - Tactical Allocation

Investment Objective :

The Sub-Fund aims to deliver attractive medium to long term returns under all market circumstances by investing in
various asset classes including equities, bonds, commodities, real estate, currencies and cash. At all times, the Sub-
Fund will mainly invest in units of UCITS and/or other UCIs, as described in Art. 41 (1) indent (e) of the 2010 Law
and on an auxiliary basis, in other transferable securities and financial instruments including derivatives and/or ETFs
that offer exposure or hedging to the above mentioned asset classes for the purpose of achieving the investment
objectives of the Sub-Fund.

In addition, the Sub-fund may and will at times invest (up to 50% of its net assets) directly in bank deposits and
money market instruments.

The Sub-Fund invests via a flexible investment strategy designed to respond to a continuously changing market
environment. The investment approach pays particular attention to downside risk mitigation. Not being tied to a
benchmark, the Sub-Fund will add exposure to risky assets when the risk-return payoff is expected to be
appropriately rewarded, while it will exercise caution when risks are high and visibility is low. The Sub-Fund strives
to add value via a) tactical asset allocation, including taking positions which express our preference for particular
geographical regions and sectors, b) security/fund selection, taking advantage of fund selection models, c) decisions
regarding portfolio diversification and risk management.

Liquidities, financial derivative instruments, structured financial instruments, securities lending and repurchase
agreements may be used within the limits described in sections 3.1. and 4. of the Prospectus.

Adresses :

The Sub-Fund has a medium risk profile and is addressed to investors seeking returns from a widely diversified
portfolio whose assets are invested in units of UCITS (multi-manager) with various asset classes (multi-asset) and
investment objectives, and aiming to benefit from their active management.

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